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Zoom Lesson in English


Online Harp Instruction


Learn to play the Celtic Harp or Folk Harp.

Contact me for online harp lessons.

Classes are one-on-one,

private lessons via Skype


You will need to have a harp with at least 34 strings.


You will need an Email address

and a printer to receive more notes on each lesson and print it,

reminding you what to prepare for the next lesson,

and technique tips to concentrate on.

Questions and other information can be addressed through email between lessons.

Book a Coaching

For Skype, you can follow the same process.

Initiation, then take classes on a regular basis.




Two new proposals that are:


- The encounter -

90 euros - which is about 2 hours or more -


The goal is to Get to know and especially to make a point on the level of the person.

it is a private masterclass, without commitment, and without obligation to take classes thereafter.

secured paiment with " Paypal Me"

- you do not need a PayPal account

& free charge -


- Accompaniment of the Practice -

90 euros - 2 hours -


it is the continuation of - Meeting -

it's not a course, I do not teach a specific program, but I work on the evolution of the harpistic practice of the person, what I see and feel, and I propose paths of work, tracks reflections ...


here, of course, in addition to the traditional courses and internships that I now organize every season ..

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